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Fiberglass bag filter

Fiberglass bag filter

Fiberglass bag filter is widely used in industrial dust filtration. In daily use, the maintanence is quite important. So what we should pay attention? Below we will introduce for you:

First, the boot, you should first turn on the compressed air to the gas tank, connected to the control power supply, start the ash discharge device, if there is also other functional device in the system, you should start the downstream device as well.

Second, if the bag filter is in operation, the ash removal system can not stop working, otherwise, the ash bucket will soon be filled with dust so that will overflow into the bag room, forcing the glass bag filter to stop working.

Third, the gas tank, gas triplets in the oil and water separator should be a class of sewage once, while the oil and water separator should be washed every 3 to 6 months, the oil mist should always check the oil situation, timely refueling. 

Fourth, the electromagnetic pulse valve, such as failure, should be promptly cleaned, such as internal impurities, moisture, should be cleaned, such as diaphragm damage should be replaced.

Fifth, the management staff should be familiar with the principle of glass fiber bag filter, performance, use conditions, and master the adjustment and maintenance methods.

Sixth, the use of timer cleaning controller, should be regularly measured whether the cleaning cycle is accurate, or should be adjusted. The use of fixed-type pulse control device, should regularly check the pressure switch work, pressure port is blocked, and clean up.

Seventh, reducer, ash conveyor and other mechanical parts should be in accordance with the provisions of oiling and oil change, found that abnormal phenomena should be promptly removed.

Eighth, the shutdown, after the process system to stop, should keep the glass bag filter and exhaust fan to continue working for a period of time to dust in the dust and dust equipment, it must be noted that the glass bag filter to stop working , You must repeatedly remove dust on the glassfiber dust collector bag dust (available manual cleaning), the dust on the dust filter bag removed to prevent the impact of moisture and paste on the bag.

Nineth, Shutdown, do not have to cut off the compressed air supply, especially in the fan work, must be provided to the poppet cylinder compressed air to ensure that the valve to open the state.

Tenth, regularly determine the bag filter system parameters, such as flue gas, temperature, concentration, etc., found abnormal, should find the reasons and timely disposal.