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Maintenance of Dust Filter Bag

Maintenance of Dust Filter Bag

     During the operation of dust bag house, people normally check dust emissions, dust bag house pressure and the service life of filter bag to find out whether the filter bag is in better condition or it needs to change. Normally, these three aspects are correlated with each other.

Dust Emission Exceed Standard

The reason cause dust emission overproof

  1.  Initial layer of filter bag is not enough;
  2.  Filter bag is damaged;
  3.  Filter bag is installed in a wrong way and cause higher resistance

Low Dust Bag House Pressure

     The resistance of dust bag house is pre-fixed out when designing the filter system. But if you find the resistance increased sharply in a short time, it means the house should be checked and adjusted.

Circumstances for over-large resistance fall into two categories:

      I. It happened right after dust bag house system operated;

This is means the bag is not fairly designed.

  1.  It happened after the system operated for a certain time;

This happens means the problems occur in operation and maintenance. Main reason:  bag is not clean, bag is blocked or uneven distribution for intake air.

Short life service

Reason caused short life service of filter bags:

     Wrong selection of filter bags: the quality of bags,filtration speed,dust load, dust components, dust property,clean method,clean frequency, system power on and off times and other related maintenance jobs.

     When evaluating the service life of filter bags, engineers should consider whether it is misused. It should be carefully checked and recorded of routine jobs. Whether the bag house is powered on or off under dew point temperature, and the period of pulse cleaning, clean time is reasonable or not; install differential manometer which is the precondition for keep a correct record.