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What is the effect of dust removal efficiency?

What is the effect of dust removal efficiency?

The main factors that affect the dust removal efficiency of bag filter are:

1. Dust properties. Dust removal efficiency of bag filter is directly related to the size, severity, shape, electrostatic effect and dust concentration of dust particles. Generally speaking, for large particles, large scale, irregular shape and electrostatic effect Of the dust, the dust removal efficiency is higher.

2. Dust filter bag performance. Filter cloth performance on the dust removal efficiency and resistance have a greater impact. Filter cloth material should have the following conditions:

A. Can block the passage of fine dust, fabric latitude and longitude by the intertwined holes to be small, and latitude and longitude lines themselves to be fine, to increase the effective area of ​​the screen to reduce the resistance;

B. The fabric of the hair to be long and flexible, so that it can cover the hole, and has a certain strength;

C. In order to facilitate the use of reverse airflow, the fabric's fluff is located on the side of the dusty air contact.

3. Filter wind speed (unit load) .The so-called filter wind speed refers to the air flow through the filter cloth when the speed, according to the actual per square meter filter cloth to measure the amount of air, it is also known as the filter strength or unit load, available q said.

Improve the filter wind speed, can improve the processing capacity of filter bags to reduce the filter area; but the wind speed is too large, will have been deposited in the filter on the dust re-blowing, so that resistance increases, the dust efficiency will also be affected. , For the flannel and woolen material, the filtration wind speed increases and has little effect on the efficiency of dust removal; but for the glass fiber and flat silk, the dust removal efficiency decreases significantly with the increase of the filtration wind speed.In order to ensure the bag dust collector has good dust removal efficiency and smaller Resistance, filter the wind speed should be different according to different filter and cleaning method to determine