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How to choose a right dust filter bag for Asphalt mixing plant?

How to choose a right dust filter bag for Asphalt mixing plant?

As we all know the dust filter bags for asphalt mixing plants go broken and has to be replaced quite often. Because the working temperature is too high, as it is for mixing melting asphalt, and there are too much abrasion. So what we should know when we choose dust filter bags for mixing asphalt plant? 

Temperature resistance: can be continuously operated at a temperature of 204 ° C (instantaneous temperature of 250 ° C) and can withstand repeated fluctuations in the temperature of 250 ° C.

Stability: at 250 ℃ temperature only less than 1% of the heat shrinkage, with excellent high temperature stability.

Impressive fire resistance: at 400 ℃ began to break down and carbonation, limit oxygen index (LOI) is 30, not spontaneous combustion is not combustion.

Chemical resistance: low concentrations of acid and alkali and most hydrocarbons do not affect it, even if a small amount of fluoride will not be significantly corrosion; is the asphalt concrete mixing plant one of the ideal accessories.

When you choose dust filter bag for asphalt mixing plant, you must pay attention to above points. Or if you donot know how, you can contact us directly! We can supply you nomex filter bags for your plants and assure good quality.